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        It all began on December  7,  1941  at Pearl Harbor, Territory of Hawai'i - not only that the United States entered World War II,  but a chain of events is set in motion that,  fifty years later, becomes the setting for death.  

        A family,  a corporation, greed and power combine to reveal terrible secrets.  Set on the island of O'ahu,   a lush backdrop for heinous crime, a community icon dies.    And it all begins again.

What's Coming January 2015!


~~ Elizabeth Murphy is an animal communicator. Not a pet psychic.

She supplements her husband Tig’s fire fighter income by taking on clients—pets--and helps their humans understand their issues,

whether it be physical or psychological.

     Both she and Tig are excited when his side job, a landscaping

and pond company, is contacted by wealthy clients to buy prize koi

for their ponds. However, when the caretaker of one of the ponds is murdered, Elizabeth and Tig unwittingly become involved.

     Elizabeth begins receiving messages from the fish about the

murder. It gets even stranger when the misbehaving dogs of another client of Elizabeth’s seem to be connected to the koi and she is

contacted by yet another animal she’s never ‘talked’ to before.

     Elizabeth is in danger when the crime takes an international turn

and she and Tig are caught in the middle. Law enforcement’s hands

are tied and help comes from a most unusual source.

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