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somewhere in crime

Historical mysteries are nothing new to literature, but these short stories certainly are! Join us as we go back in time to unravel tales of mystery and suspense from award-winning authors as well as new ones. Set in a variety of locales, settings and conditions you’ll be swept along in a current of crime.

Gone Coastal

The fourth mystery anthology by the Central Coast Mystery Writers. A collection of both established authors and strong new voices designed to satiate mystery readers' hunger for good fiction. The compilers have selected a variety of stories based in U.S. Coastal Areas and sprinkled in a couple inland tales for contrast.Gone Coastal offers a complete menu of mysteries from cozy to hardboiled. Whatever your taste, you'll find something to satisfy your appetite for murder and mayhem.

Never Safe

​Danger is everywhere – on the streets, at work, in our homes and at play. Death may follow us where we least expect it. We long for the good old days. But were they any safer? No. Seeking comfort and safety in a lover's embrace might prove fatal. Paranoid thoughts? Hardly.Prevention might be your best protection. See a shadow moving own a deserted street or country lane? Duck into a bar or dive behind the nearest bush. Alone in a building? Run and findsafety in numbers. But choose your companions wisely and take care: confronting danger and taking charge may cause moreproblems than it solves. So how can we protect ourselves and loved ones? We can't. The awful truth hits home – we are truly NEVER SAFE.